What is CCC?

For years, industries of all types have been providing various business reputation scores so consumers can make the right choice about which businesses to patronize. The Better Business Bureau has been around for over 100 years recording consumer complaints against businesses and ranking businesses with a reputation score accordingly. J.D. Power and Associates has been gathering consumers' experiences with businesses for 50 years. More recently, newer technology has given consumers information about businesses at their fingertips with services like Yelp and Google Reviews.

Consumers can research a variety of their peers' experiences and gain a full picture of the business's reputation without ever stepping foot into their establishment. But relationships such as this should not be one-way. While a consumer can decide if they want to work with a business, what resources do businesses have to decide if they want to work with a consumer?

Certain industries and infrastructures provide limited access to consumer information. Financial institutions, for instance, can pull credit reports to see if a consumer is likely to pay them back. But this information is one-dimensional. It doesn't give a full overview of prior interactions with the customer. Businesses such as eBay and Uber allow not only the buyer to rate the seller, but for the seller to rate the buyer as well. What if you're not lending money? What if you're not doing business on eBay?

Businesses that interact with customers know that these interactions vary drastically from customer to customer. There are those that we love encountering when they call us or walk through our door. They recognize the value in what we have to offer, they refer their good friends to us, and they're just an overall pleasure to work with. We want to incentivize these customers to come back often, perhaps with discounts or other perks. There are those that use our services, pay their bill, and all is well. The interaction is mediocre, but a net positive. And then there are the occasional negative experiences. There's the customer that doesn't pay their bill, the one that's always haggling for "the best price", the one that leaves negative reviews about you online without ever indicating their dissatisfaction to you about yourservices. Wouldn't it be great if you could have this information about a potential customer before you ever started working with them?

That's what CCC is all about! As a CCC member, you report specific details to us about your interactions with customers, in much the same way a financial institution would report payment history to a credit bureau. When you're about to engage with a new customer, you can first look them up on CCC to find out what their reputation is among other businesses they've worked with. You can then use that information to determine how you want to proceed with the business relationship.